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Internet Speed Test provided by Speed Limited


Internet speed test is an opportunity to check the quality of your internet provider services and do it yourself without the help of a specialist. Click on the button “Go” to start checking necessary indicators.

Testing of internet speed: why is it needed?

By measuring the internet speed and quality of the connection, you can draw the following conclusions for yourself:

  • How well your equipment works (modem, router, etc.);
  • Are there any problems with the network (for example, interruptions in connection);
  • If the parameters of your tariff declared by the provider correspond or not.

How do I test my internet speed?

Speed tests require you to do nothing except:

  1. Internet connection you’re checking;
  2. Pressing the button “Go”.

Everything else will be automatically done for you by the Internet speed test service Speed.Limited.

You can check internet speeds from different devices that are connected to the same internet. It will allow you to get the most accurate results in dynamics, as well as determine the cause of the problem in case of its appearance.

Results of internet speed check

While checking the speed of the internet, the service studies and determines such indicators as:

  • Download speed.

Download speed tests show how fast browser pages load, files download, content opens, etc.

  • Upload speed.

Upload speed test gets information about reverse processes: how fast your files are uploaded to the network (for example, how quickly you upload photos to a social network).

Speed of download and upload is measured in Mbit/s. The higher these figures, the better internet in general. However, first of all, you need to compare them with the indicators declared in the tariff.

  • Ping.

Checking ping characterizes the server response time. It should be minimal. Otherwise it indicates a low quality of internet connection.

How to check speed of the internet correctly?

For the most accurate results, we recommend to follow some tips.

What you’re doing Recommendation
If you are checking internet speed from a computer or laptop… … Connect the internet cable directly to the device. In this way you can understand if the problem is in the router and what is the real speed of the internet.
If the speed test is conducted on a mobile device… … Make sure you’re checking the right provider. Disable Wi-Fi if checking mobile internet speed and vice versa.
In both cases… … During the speed test you can experiment with the parameters: change the server if you are confused by the results (click on the button “Change server”), switch on different connection types (single or multi), etc.


Bookmark this page so you can retake the test over time and check the dynamics of the speed test results.

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