This page displays complete information about your IP address. The data is shown to you automatically, so you don’t have to do anything.

  • IP: {{results.ip}}
  • City: {{}}
  • Region/State: {{results.region}}
  • Country code: {{}}
  • Country: {{results.country_name}}
  • Timezone: {{results.timezone}}
  • Latitude: {{results.latitude}}
  • Longitude: {{results.longitude}}
  • UTC: {{results.utc_offset}}
  • Postal code/Index/ZIP code: {{results.postal}}
  • Internet Provider: {{}}
  • Internet Protocol version: {{results.version}}
  • Telephone code: {{results.country_calling_code}}
  • Currency: {{results.currency}}
  • Currency name: {{results.currency_name}}
  • Capital: {{results.country_capital}}

How to find the IP address?

To check the IP you can look for this information in your device settings.

What is my IP on the computer?

Where to find:

  • For OS Windows. You should search your computer IP on the taskbar (select “Wi-Fi network”, click on the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to and choose “Properties” option) or put on the “Start”, go to “Settings” and open “Network & internet”. More precise path depends on the version of your operating system.
  • For Mac OS. To find where an IP is, it is recommended to open “System Preferences” on your Mac and choose “Network” section. Then you should select the connection you are interested in (it might be located in the left sidebar). Now click “Advanced” and go to “TCP/IP” to see the computer’s IP address.

What is my IP on the smartphone?

IP checking is possible on the mobile devices with the help of Wi-Fi setting. You should find the section “Wireless & Networks” or something like that to select the network that you’re connected to and see the IP address displayed in the “Advanced” section. As a rule, IP address is under “Network Details” along with other data. This instruction might be helpful for Android devices.

IPhone user can also find IP in settings. Choose “Wi-Fi” section and tap your network’s name to view more information. Its IP Address is usually listed under the IPv4 Address header.

What is my location?

IP address shows your location according to your Internet provider (ISP). This is not always accurate, because the IP address can belong to several users and devices of this provider at the same time. In addition, anyone can change their public IP using a VPN.

If you need to know your exact location with coordinates, you can see it on the map using GPS here – “What is my Location? Map and coordinates of where I am.

Immediate IP check

To determine the IP location without searching in the device settings, use our service. Its main convenience is the speed of displaying information. IP will be shown instantly. In addition, the user can do nothing, as the information is displayed automatically.

Along with the current IP address our service helps users to find out the following data:

  1. Provider’s name. It might be helpful for those who are not sure which network it is checking at the moment.
  2. IP location. It shows the IP country, region or state, city and approximate coordinates (latitude and longitude) and other information (for example, postal code/ZIP code and time zone).
  3. Internet Protocol version which can be IPv4 or iPv6.

Disable proxy server and VPN to get correct information about your IP address and location.