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If you don’t know where you are and want to know your current location, you can do it here by clicking on the button below.

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Where am I?

The question “Where am I right now?” is frequently encountered request from those:

  • Who is in an unfamiliar place or travel somewhere;
  • Who would like to know current location with exact address (for example, to call a taxi, to set up a meeting at a specific location or to make delivery order) or coordinates;
  • Who wants to check which location is being shown (e.g. when using a VPN) as his or her;
  • Who needs details on the location where he or she is right now (including what is nearby).

If you want to check the exact physical address of an IP address location, you should use another service “What is the location of my IP?”.

What’s my location now?

show my location now

“Location of where I am” is an online tool which allows determining exact address where you are at the moment. To activate it, you should follow the instruction:

  1. Put on the button “Show me my location”.
  2. Allow permission to location (allow pop-ups automatically showing up on your screen) in one of such ways:
    2.1 Allow permission with the help of default behavior settings:What is my location setting2.2 Allow permission in another way:Show me where i am on the map3. Look at the map.

The result will be shown with maximum precision on Google Maps, so you will get the answer to such question as “Where is my location now?”.

What if it didn’t work out?

My location is

How to allow your location in browser?

If your browser blocks pop-ups, you should change your default location settings. You can do it in menu “Settings”


  1. Click “More” or three dots at the top right.
  2. Go to “Settings” — “Privacy and security” — Site Settings.
  3. Click on “Location”.
  4. Choose necessary option.


  1. Click on the “Permissions”.
  2. Scroll down to “Access Your Location”.
  3. Check “Allow” (instead of “Use Default”).


Depending on the version of your OS:

  1. Go to “Settings” — “Privacy” — “Location Services”. Location Services must be on.
  2. Go to “General” — “Restrictions“ — “Location Services“. “Allow Changes“ must be checked and “Location Services” must be set to “On” (slider should be green).


Find “Location access” in the setting of your device (it might be under “Personal”). Turn access to the location “on” or “off” at the top of the screen.

Enable Location Services on Google Chrome (Example)

Check my location

How to allow location

In addition you can allow permission to location for exact website.

Allow to show the locationSometimes it is also necessary to close and restart browser to allow location.

Additional GPS data of where I am

You may be also interested in the additional information:

What is my location by coordinates?

There are two types of coordinates. Coordinates of Google maps are shown automatically after determining your geolocation in such record format: degrees, minutes and seconds + additional letters. It may look like 46°44′20.996″N, 43°37′3.6228″E.

If necessary, the formats can be recalculated: 1° means 60′ (minutes), 1′ (minute) means 60″ (seconds).

The coordinates of your current address in format of degrees will be displayed after putting on the button “Show my coordinates”. After that you will be able to see the latitude and longitude. For example, they may look like 45,733831°, 33,6170073°.

What is the temperature outside right now in my location?

Location where I am also allows checking some information about weather there. It will be shown automatically.

What time is it in my location now?

The local time corresponding to your address will also be listed on this page.