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While ordering mail or package delivery many people ask themselves “What the ZIP code where I am?” With the help of our tool you will get the answer.

ZIP code in my location

See your ZIP Code below:

  • ZIP code (Postal code): {{results.postal}}
  • City: {{results.city}}
  • State(Region): {{results.region}}
  • Country: {{results.country_name}}

Please, pay attention that shown data depends on your internet provider IP-address. For more exact information you should disable mobile internet (or/and VPN if you’re using it), and connect from your local internet provider (for example WI-FI at home or at work and it will show the nearest ZIP Code to your home, work accordingly).

What is my ZIP code?

Needed information will appear in the field above immediately after opening this page. It includes:

  • Basic information about your location: country, state and city.
  • Your ZIP code.

The specified code in the box above is determined by the IP of your device and the specific location where you are at the moment. To know more details about ZIP codes in the US, along with the city, county and state, please, use our ZIP Code Lookup.

What is ZIP code for where I am needed for?

This is a useful tool for those who have relocated or regularly travel. By it you will always be aware of which postal code is valid in your location. Once the ZIP code is known, you will get such opportunities:

  • sending letters and parcels by exact ZIP code;
  • tracking parcels and letters;
  • simplifying of cooperation with USPS and other US postal companies.

Awareness of the code is mostly needed for the carrier company, but it might be useful for you too.

To know more about US postal codes read our article “What is ZIP code?”

What does my ZIP code mean?

Each digit of your ZIP code has its own meaning:

  • The first digit demonstrates what national area your ZIP code belongs to.
  • The second and the third digits tell us about exact sectional center or postal office in large city.
  • The last two digits show associate post office or delivery area.

Our tool shows 5-digit ZIP codes, but there is more detailed system in USA, called ZIP+4 Codes.

The usual user does not need this information, while US delivery companies make it easier to sort packages and letters in this way.