Royal Mail Tracking | Track a parcel online

Have you used the services of Royal Mail and want to know current status of the shipment? Enter correct tracking number below and put on the button “Track” to start Royal Mail parcel tracking.

Examples: Y0084838637

Royal Mail is known as the oldest postal company in the world. The company has been serving clients for over 500 years delivering letters and packages within UK and abroad. Distribution of royal and governmental documents was the main task of the company in the past, but over time Royal Mail began to provide services to the entire population of the country. Now a wide range of services is offered there, but the main specialization is premium-class next-day delivery.

How to track Royal Mail packages?

All you need is:

  1. To enter the digits of a reference number in special field on the official website of Royal Mail or right on this page (in the box above).
  2. To put on the button “Track” to start a search.

If the tracking number is entered correctly, the system will instantly show you information about the package: where it is, at what stage the delivery is, when it will arrive, etc.

Where is the tracking number of Royal Mail?

As a rule Royal Mail reference numbers are placed on the receipt or on your item’s label. In addition it can be sent via email for client’s convenience.

Where is tracking number on Royal Mail receipt? Royal Mail tracking number is often located at the top of the receipt, under or above the barcode or in another place marked “Reference code”. To avoid confusion it might be clearly highlighted or bolded to stand out among any other numbers.

Royal Mail reference number format

Royal Mail reference number looks like a combination, which consists of 9–27 characters depending on the type of shipment. Most often it is appeared in the following formats:

  • 13-digit number, which starts with two letters and ends with two more letters. There are 9 digits between them. Examples of such Royal Mail tracking numbers: KS012345678GB, RJ000000001GB, SJ555000333GB.
  • 11-digit number, which starts with numbers, but has some letters in the middle. For example: 3800

What if Royal Mail reference number is not working?

To track the parcel of Royal Mail, you must enter the reference number without spaces and punctuation marks (even if it is written differently on the receipt). If it doesn’t help, you should check the sender has given you the right reference number.

Royal Mail packages can be unavailable for tracking, if the sender has created a tracking number, but not submitted the item into our network yet. In this case you should try again later.

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