+243 Phone Code | What Country Has Such a Telephone Code?

The phone code 243 at the beginning of the phone number +243 (subscriber’s phone) means that you are being called from Zaire or you are calling a subscriber registered in Zaire.

+243 — Zaire

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Telephone Code +243 — what country it is

The international phone code +243 officially belongs to Zaire, so all phone numbers that start with these numbers refer to this country.

It means that you must enter 243″ after the “+” sign to call to Zaire. Then the next digits of the phone number can be entered.

Whose country code is +243?

+243 is the beginning of a phone number which can belong to any subscriber who purchased a SIM card in Zaire. It does not mean that a subscriber is definitely there at the time of the call (since he or she can make a call in roaming), but there is such a possibility.

Zaire on the map

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