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The Eastern time zone (EST) is one of 9 US time zones, which is located near the Central time zone and covers more than 20 states in the US (as well as some territories of neighboring countries).

Where is the Eastern time zone?

EST is the easternmost time zone in the United States. It starts at the easternmost point of the continent and ends at the border of the Central time zone.

The map of Eastern Time Zone

View the Eastern time zone map here:

Map of the Eastern time zoneSee full time zone map of USA here.

Where does the time zone change from Eastern to Central?

The border between these time zones does not lie strictly along the borders of the states. It is the reason why some of the states can be split by 2 time zones at once. Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan and Tennessee are those states that partly belong to both Central and Eastern time zones.

Where does Eastern time zone start in Florida?

The state of Florida mostly observes the Eastern Time. The only exception is the region that lies west of the Apalachicola River, where the Central Time is observed.

Where does Eastern time zone start in Indiana?

Almost the same situation is in the state of Indiana, where the Eastern Time is mostly used. Only the Northwest and the Southwest corners observe the Central Time.

Where does Eastern time zone start in Kentucky?

Kentucky is the state which is cut almost in half by two time zones. The western half of it belongs to Central time zone, while the eastern half uses the Eastern Time.

Where does Eastern time zone start in Michigan?

Michigan mostly observes the Eastern Time, but there are some counties (Dickinson, Gogebic, Iron and Menominee) bordering with Wisconsin, where the Central Time is observed. The border between time zones there runs through the middle of Lake Michigan and leads to the west through Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

Where does Eastern time zone start in Tennessee?

Like the state of Kentucky, Tennessee is cut into two distinct time zones. The Eastern time zone is located in the eastern half of the state, including Chattanooga but excepting Marion County. The majority of the western half of the state, including Nashville and Marion County, uses Central time.

There are some towns in eastern Alabama, where the Central Time Zone is considered to be officially established, but the Eastern Time is used. Phenix City, Smiths Station, Lanett, and Valley are close to Columbus, GA, which is in the Eastern Time Zone, that’s why they observe EST Time too.

What states are completely in the Eastern time zone?

Here is the list of US stated that are fully included to the EST time zone:

  • Connecticut, CT;
  • Delaware, DE;
  • Georgia, GA;
  • Maine, ME;
  • Maryland, MD;
  • Massachusetts, MA;
  • New Hampshire, NH;
  • New Jersey, NJ;
  • New York, NY;
  • North Carolina, NC;
  • Ohio, OH;
  • Pennsylvania, PA;
  • Rhode Island, RI;
  • South Carolina, SC;
  • Vermont, VT;
  • Virginia, VA;
  • West Virginia, WV.

What’s current time in EST time zone?

The Eastern Time, observed in the United States, now is on the clock:

Time in Eastern time zone of the USA is observed in such big cities as New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Portland and others.

UTC Offset is UTC -5, because Eastern Standard Time (EST) is 5 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

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