Check the balance on gift card VISA | All methods

Gift cards are the category of debit cards that are offered by major retailers or banks. As a rule, most of these cards can’t be reloaded with additional funds, and you can spend exactly as much as provided by the original balance (the exception is gift prepaid cards). For this reason, it is extremely important for owners to monitor how much money is left there and what is the balance for VISA gift card now.

Checking balance on VISA gift cards

To check the balance of VISA gift card, firstly you should look at the back of the card. The card issuer’s site and phone are printed there exactly for this purpose.

Then you can check balance of gift card VISA it in the following ways:

  1. Call toll-free number to discover your balance.
  2. Visit the website to check it online. Be ready to enter your card’s 16-digit number and security code.

Balance on gift card VISA

While online checking the balance of a VISA gift card it may be also required to log in on the site and/or to choose the exact brand/store name previously.

Gift card VISA balance of the most common issuers

Here is the list of the most popular companies that issue VISA gift cards, as well as their websites where you can check the current balance of your particular card:

Card name

Issuer name

Where to check gift card balance?

Vanilla VISA Gift Card

TBBK Card Services Inc.

Pathward, N.A. (MetaBank or Sutton Bank)

Commerce VISA Gift Card

Commerce Bank

Navy Federal VISA Gift Card

Navy Federal Credit Union

Walmart VISA Gift Card


Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Go to Your Account on

VISA Gift Card

MyGift VISA Gift Card


VISA Gift Prepaid Card and Gift Card Granny VISA Non-Reloadable Incentive Prepaid Card


The Gift Card Granny VISA Gift Card and the Virtual VISA Gift Card

Sutton Bank
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