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If you are looking for an area code, just enter the name of the city below.

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Need to search by area codes? Use our reverse finder “Lookup by area code” which is looking for cities and states by entered numbers.

What are the area codes in USA?

The structure of all telephone numbers in the United States provides for the following sequence of digits:

  • The first digit means country code (+1 for all US phone numbers);
  • The next 3-digit combination is an area code what indicates different geographic areas;
  • The last 7 digits are unique for its owner.

How to find an area code?

Everything is quite simple. Our area code lookup contains a large list of telephone area codes which are used in different location of USA. In order not to look for the code manually, we suggest you save time with area code searcher, which works in such a way:

  1. You enter the name of city you’re interested in.
  2. The system finds matches and displays the area code.

Area code finder might show several results especially for big cities. Usually it means that there was a need to increase the quantity of available telephone numbers in a province, state or region. For these purposes the geographic area gets an area code overlay (a numbering plan area (NPA) in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) that has multiple area codes assigned). However, we still recommend you to be sure that it is correct state you are looking for.

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