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If you want to know the name of the city by area code, just enter three digits in the field below and put the button for searching.

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Example: 212509956510



Need to search area codes by city? Use our reverse finder “Area code lookup by city” which is looking for area codes by entered cities.

What are the area codes needed for?

The area code shows the approximate location of the owner of the number. It can cover a city, several cities, or an entire state, as well as a location that is not defined by any boundaries. At the same time and in the same location another area code also can be used (especially in areas with a large population).

Information about location where the area code is used is useful for long distance calls and some other purpose. Earlier we’ve released an article “What does the area code mean?”. Read it for more details.

How to search by area codes?

Lookup by area code is an opportunity to know more about the one who calls you or whom you call.

To start the search by area code, you just need to enter the three digits of the phone number beginning. They follow the country code (1 in the US). For example, you’d like to check phone number +1-205-XXX-XXXX. In this case you need to enter just “205” into search bar.

Sometimes it is technically impossible to determine the city by area codes. If you enter one of toll free codes, the system will not be able to find exact location. In addition, an error may occur if the numbers are entered incorrectly.