What is an area code in US phone numbers?

The structure of US phone numbers provides several parts which are responsible for different function. One of them is area code.

What does area code mean?

Area code is a part of the telephone number that precedes the local telephone number and routes long distance calls to their destination. It looks like a 3-digit code which are entered before the 7 digits (3 for the prefix + 4 for the suffix) and especially needed when dialing a call between areas.

Area code meaning

You should know that there are a lot of the telephone areas in U.S. Area code helps to identify which of them the owner of a phone number is in.

Area code and local number — what’s difference?

First 3 digit of local phone number gives information about specific location (town or neighborhood), while the area code means larger region, either a whole segment of a city, or even an entire county of state part.

Area code and ZIP code — what’s difference?

Area code means approximate location while ZIP code specifies it more precisely (especially if it is 9-digit ZIP code). But that’s not even the main difference. The most important thing is that area code is determined by phone number while ZIP code depends on postal specifics.

Area code meaning and example

There is no special meaning of area code hidden behind the numbers. The code simply identifies an area, that’s why it is necessary to remember the most relevant of them for you.

Examples: 242 is the area code of Bahamas.

What is area code 917?

It is New York City. Full list of US area codes is here.

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