Upload speed test 🔼 Check the speed of the internet

Internet speed tests show several indicators, including upload speed. Here you can check it along with the download speed and your current ping. Put “Go” to start the test online.

Upload Speed Test

Internet Speed Test provided by Speed Limited

What does upload speed test show?

Upload speed is the indicator which demonstrates the speed of uploading files from your devices to the global net or from one device to another. Fast upload speed is needed for sending emails, playing video games in real time, posting photos and videos on social networks and send any other data to someone else’s server.

Download speed is considered to be more important, but you should know the upload speed as well for correct evaluation of your Internet provider’s work.

If upload speed is slow but download speed is fast, it could be the problem of some tariff plan features. As a rule, internet speed indicated in the tariff means the download speed. For this reason the upload speed is not a crucial indicator. In such cases, you need to contact support of your provider company. Probably you just need to change the rate.

What is my upload speed?

After running the test, you will be provided with an online report of your internet speed and connection. Among other indicators, the uploading speed is indicated. Look for the result in the field “Upload”.

What is good upload speed?

If the result of upload speed tester is more than 3 Mbit per second, it means that it conforms to the FCC’s minimum standard. However, good upload speed for those who regularly upload files or work at home should be much higher. For household with several devices there must be at least upload speed which is 10 Mbit per second at least. Otherwise, you will be forced to wait much longer for unloading.

How to test upload speed?

To check the upload speed of you Wi-Fi or mobile internet you can use the service Speed.Limited. It allows testing speed fast and free. All you need to do is to follow the instructions:

  1. Make sure you’ve connected to the internet which you want to test.
  2. Try to disconnect other devices from the internet (during the test).
  3. If possible, connect an internet cable to your PC. This will eliminate the incorrect result to poor performance of the equipment.
  4. Click on the button “Go” when you are ready.

The result of upload speed test will be shown automatically in mbps (Mbit/s).

You can repeat the test as many times as you need. Click on the button “Again test” or restart it through some time. The test results in dynamics will allow you to evaluate the upload speed more objectively.

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