Ping test 🟢🔴 Check the server response time

Ping testing is the possibility to measure minimum time needed to send smallest possible amount of data and receive response. To measure how many milliseconds it takes in your case, start the test by pressing the button “Go”.

Ping Test

Internet Speed Test provided by Speed Limited

What is a ping?

Ping means an indicator of internet speed tests, which shows how fast a data signal travels from one device/website/point of network to another. It helps to troubleshoot and test connectivity. If you determine response time, you will be able to identify problems when connecting to the internet.

What is my ping?

Ping test shows if there are any problems with your internet connection. To find out how many ms it takes for a server response, just put “Go” and wait for the result which will be determined along with download and upload speeds.

What is good and bad ping?

It all depends on your needs and the type of connection.

What is good Wi-Fi ping?

Ping Good or bad?
15–45 ms Great!
45–100 ms Acceptable.
100–150 ms Less desirable.
Over 150 ms Bad. It could result in noticeable lag.


What is good ping for mobile internet?

Mobile connection is often much worse. For this reason, the standards may be slightly lower.

Network Type Average ping
3G 100 ms
4G 30–50 ms
5G 30 ms or less


In general, even 100 ms is considered to be fairly good.

What is good ping for gaming?

Online gaming requires as low ping as it possible.

Ping Good or bad?
Below 20 ms Exceptional result!
20–50 ms Reasonable ping.
50–100 ms Less desirable.
Over 100 ms Too high for gaming


If the ping is over 100 milliseconds it may make the game unplayable. In such cases players can be threw out of the match due to a bad connection.

Videoconferencing programs might have similar requirements.

How to check the ping?

The ping test starts along with internet speed test performed by Speed.Limited. The service immediately evaluates the server response time, as well as the speed of downloading and uploading, by which you can determine the overall speed of the internet.

To obtain a more accurate result, we recommend you to follow the instructions below:

  1. Before the ping test check you’ve connected to the internet which you want to check.
  2. If you test ping on the computer, it is better you’ve connected an internet cable to your PC.
  3. If you test ping on the mobile device, make sure you have disabled mobile internet or Wi-Fi (depending on what kind of ping you are checking).
  4. During the test disconnect other devices from the network (if possible).

Put on the button “Go” when everything is ready for ping testing.

Repeat the test if necessary. You can run the test from any device an unlimited number of times.

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