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If your package is delivered by DHL, tracking will help you to watch for its movements. Enter the tracking number in the field above to get information about the delivery time and shipping status.

How to track DHL packages?

Each DHL parcel receives a postal identifier. From this moment it can already be tracked. For tracking with DHL or with our tracker you need to know correct tracking number. Enter it in search bar to get all information immediately. You can do it on the official website of DHL as well as here on this page.

Where is the DHL tracking number?

As usual, the shipper or online store gives the tracking number or ID to customers. It means that after you have purchased something in an online shop (eBay or somewhere else), you will get the confirmation email or shipment tracking notification with the tracking number or ID. If not, please contact the seller.

Such an information as DHL tracking number can usually be found in the buyer’s personal account on the online store website.

DHL tracking without number

What if there is no tracking number? How to track DHL in such cases? Let’s see all alternative ways:

How to track a DHL package without a tracking number? Is it possible?

By waybill (by air waybill)


Yes, because the waybill number is the same as tracking number. DHL customer can find it in the email or SMS notifications, which will be received after the order has been finalized.

With shipper reference (by reference number)

Yes, personalized shipper’s reference can help in tracking your DHL Express shipments.

By address or zip-code

No, unfortunately this information is not enough for the DHL tracking.

By receiver name

No, but if you are a receiver, you can contact DHL Customer Service, the shipper or retailer for more information.

By phone number


No, unfortunately this information is not enough for tracking.


Usually recipient has to provide a tracking number for track a DHL parcel. If you don’t know it, the only way to get information is to contact DHL customer service. Its managers may be able to track a parcel with an unknown tracking number if they have some other data (exact addresses of shipper or recipient, date range, product, account number or something like that).

DHL tracking number format

Tracking number of DHL is the most important information that you need for parcel tracking. That’s why you should enter it in correct format:

How many numbers in DHL tracking? The most common GHL tracking number format is 10 digits, but there are some other less common formats too.
Does it have letters? Yes, it can start with letters (depending on what exact delivery service ships your goods).


Let’s see the all common tracking number DHL:

What’s DHL express tracking number format? It looks like 10 digit numeric which starts with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL or a similar variation. For example: JJD0153614
What’s DHL Parcel tracking number format? It usually consists of 10 digitals, starting with 3S, JVGL or JJD. For example: JVGL043762
How long is a DHL tracking number if you are the customer of DHL eCommerce? DHL eCommerce tracking number format can be different. It can vary from 10 to 39 characters. It often starts with GM, LX, RX or up to 5 letters.
What about DHL Global Forwarding tracking number? You can often meet with such formats:

·         7 digits. Such tracking numbers usually consist of numbers only. For example: 4196333.

·         8 digits. Such tracking numbers usually start with 1 number followed by 2 letters and then again 4-6 numbers. For example:  2AC45648

·         7–8 digits. It can begin with 3 or 4 letters. For example: CDF12345

·         11 digits. Such DHL Global Forwarding tracking number begins with 3-digit carrier code, followed by a dash, then an 8 digit number.


Status meanings of DHL tracking

DHL tracker can show one of the following statuses:

  • In transit / in progress. Status meaning: DHL package is on the way to your destination.
  • Arrived at overseas. Status meaning: your parcel has arrived and now it is situated on the overseas destination.
  • Item is pre-advised. Status meaning: your package has already got its shipping label, wasn’t received by courier yet.
  • Insert item into bag (Otb). Status meaning: the package was delivered outside the country.
  • Poste Restante. Status meaning: DHL parcel will be kept at the destination post office until you pick it up.
  • Out for delivery. Status meaning: your package has already arrived at the destination point. It can also mean that the parcel is being delivering at the moment from the last facility to your house. DHL has loaded your package into their vehicle and you should just wait a little bit.
  • Departure to a country of destination. Status meaning: your package is on the way to the destination country.
  • Arrival Scan. Status meaning: the shipment has been scanned already at the courier facility.
  • Exported to opened. Status meaning: the package was returned to the country of its origin;
  • Status meaning: your package should be redelivered. The most common reason is that the address was not correct.
  • Into customs. Status meaning: the package is going through customs now.
  • Cleared customs. Status meaning: the parcel has already gone through customs.
  • Unsuccessful delivery attempt. Status meaning: there are some problems with the delivery. Such a status is always followed by additional information about the problem.
  • Returned back to sender. Status meaning: your package was returned back because of different reasons.

How often does DHL update tracking? If everything is fine it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for updating DHL tracking. It means that the status usually is true and will be changed as soon as it possible.

Exception meanings

What if DHL tracking has shown your other status called delivery exception or shipment exception? It means that your shipment is temporarily delayed or stalled in transit. You’d better called to the customer service to get more details.

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