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FedEx (“Federal Express” or “FedEx Express”) is an American corporation that offers postal, courier, and other logistics services worldwide. The company serves customers from the US and other countries in the world, and here you can track both domestic and international shipments.

Examples: Y0084838637

In order to start FedEx tracking you just need to enter correct tracking number and put on “Track” button.

How to track a package from FedEx?

Everything is quite simple. If you know correct tracking number, you should enter it in form above or use FedEx trackers on its official site. If you enter tracking number correctly, you will instantly find out all the information: delivery status, estimated delivery time, origin, destination, class and other.

You can monitor FedEx package tracking in real time. Statuses and other information will be updated automatically.

Tracking for FedEx package is available by the following methods:

  1. Tracking by our tracker above.
  2. Tracking by FedEx on the official site
  3. Sending an email to [email protected] (it must contain word ‘account’ and your account number here).

Where is the tracking number on FedEx label?

If you need to insert tracking ID number while having no idea about what this combination looks like, you should look for it in the following places:

  • Under the barcode or after the note “#TRK” (on your receipt);
  • On a peel-off portion at the bottom.

The tracking number is usually located in positions 21–34 of the barcode. Some label content and identifiers are in new positions.

In addition, tracking number FedEx can be found in your personal account on the site

Tracking FedEx without a tracking number

Sometimes parcels are not assigned a number, but you can still track it (although there are exceptions).

Track numbers that start with LJ or LC are sent by USPS First Class Mail / USPS Priority Flat rate Envelope and cannot be tracked.

How to track package without tracking number FedEx? Is it possible?
By phone number No, but you can call to the FedEx support center to know more details
With reference number


Yes, FedEx provides such an opportunity. To track the status of the shipments you can use references assigned to shipments by the shipper. It is possible either track with or without an account number.
With address


Yes, but without tracking number of FedEx you can’t do it online. In order to track FedEx package with address only, you should contact FedEx customer service. Free manager will give you the information about an estimated time of arrival for your package.
With order number


No, it is not possible to track FedEx package with the order number. Be attentive: the tracking number and order number don’t mean the same.
With door tag number


Yes, FedEx tracking of package is available in such a way. You can find door tag number right on the front of the tag, at the bottom and enter it into the FedEx Mobile App or on


By waybill number


Yes, because waybill number is the same as your tracking number.


FedEx tracking number example & format

To track a FedEx parcel you have to enter correct tracking number. How it looks like:

  • The FedEx tracking number consists of 12 digits but no letters.
  • The FedEx Ground tracking number looks like 15-numbers combination without letters.
  • The FedEx door tag number starts with a DT followed by 12 numbers.
  • In some cases the tracking number may contain 20 or even 22 digits.

Examples of correct tracking number format:

  • 1234 4567 8910
  • 1234 1234 1234 123
  • 1234 1234 1234 1234 1234
  • 8888 3333 2222 2828 2828 28
  • DT 1234 5678 9012

FedEx tracking results: status meanings

Tracking of FedEx can show one of the following statuses:

  • On FedEx vehicle for delivery.

In fact, this may mean that your package has either been sorted and will soon be transferred for delivery, or already on a vehicle. It depends on the workload of the department.

  • In transit.

This status means that your package has been already sent and delivered in direction to your destination.

  • At local FedEx facility.

It means that the shipment has arrived to your city. Now it is situated in local sorting facility. Probably it is going to get sorted to a delivery route and going out for delivery.

  • Arrived at FedEx location.

It means that FedEx package has just arrived to a hub and is waiting to get loaded for the next one.

  • Left FedEx origin facility or Departed FedEx location.

Usually this status is shown before “In Transit”. It means that the package is on the way to the next distribution center.

  • Picked up.

It means that representative of the FedEx just picked up the package from the shipper.

  • Shipment information sent to FedEx.

It means that the sender of the parcel has generated an invoice and sent this information to FedEx. On this stage the parcel has not been sent yet. The delivery time of the parcel depends solely on the sender.

  • Label created.

This status means that the order is still in processing. On this stage the expected ship date and delivery date on the FedEx label are not exact but only approximate.

  • Now pending.

It means that delivery commitments were changed. It can be connected with delay or with other reasons.

If FedEx tracking status is not changed (Just says “label created”, “pending”, “in transit”, etc), you should wait or contact FedEx customer service.

Why is FedEx tracking number not found?

If FedEx trackings don’t show tracking number or it is written that tracking number can’t be found, it means your shipment hasn’t been picked up yet by the courier or the courier has not scanned it when received.

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