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I-Parcel is a department of UPS which specializes in delivery from American online stores. Initially, the company delivered orders only from Amazon, but now the list of shops is much larger, and you can order the delivery of I-Parcel parcels to 100 countries around the world.

Examples: Y0084838637

If you made an order on one of the online platforms and chose I-Parcel as a carrier, you can track the further movement of the parcel on our website. To track I-Parcel enter tracking number above and put on the button “Track”.

How to track UPS I-Parcel?

I-Parcel tracking is available in different ways:

In both cases you should enter I-Parcel tracking number and put on the button “Track”.

After passing through customs and arriving in the country of destination, your package track number can change, as another service is now delivering it. On our site you also can use new tracking number (regardless of which company is now delivering your package). It is your opportunity to continue tracking even without I-Parcel tracker.

Tracking number I-Parcel: what’s format is correct?

For tracking I-Parcel it’s necessary you’ve entered correct tracking number.

The most common I-parcel tracking number format is a combination of 17 numeric and letters characters. It usually starts with 7 letters which are followed by 10 numbers. For example: AGSIPNJ1234567890.

If you have some questions about UPS I-Parcel tracking, write your comments below.

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