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USPS (The United States Postal Service) is the largest postal service provider in the United States, which is also known aі the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service. The company not only delivers parcels within the United States, but also provides international services.

Examples: Y0084838637

Here you can track USPS packages wherever you live.

How to track USPS package?

You can use official USPS postal tracker as well as our universal service for tracking international parcels. All you need is to enter your tracking number in the empty field above and click on the “Track” button. Our parcel monitoring service will immediately provide search results: the status of the parcel, its location and other information you need.

Where is the USPS tracking number?

Your tracking number must be written in the following places:

  • Post office receipt — receipt issued to the sender of the parcel after its sending.
  • Sales receipt — receipt issued in case you bought insurance at the post office.
  • Email from a postal operator — those one which will be received upon confirmation of the shipping registration on the site
  • The shipping confirmation email — email from the online store, where you did your order.
  • USPS Tracking label — its bottom peel-off portion.

How to track a USPS package without tracking number?

What if you don’t have a tracking number? How to track packages USPS? Unfortunately, in most cases you can’t track shipping with USPS without this number.

How to track packages without tracking number USPS? Is it possible?
By address or by name No
By order number No, but it can help to clarify tracking number (contact the sender, for example, the seller of the online store)
By receipt number No, but if you have a receipt, you can also find the tracking number there
By phone number No, but if the shipment is issued to your phone number, you can request the status of the package. However, you still need to know the tracking number. USPS will give information about your package status, if you send a message with your tracking number to 28777 (2USPS)
By barcode or QR-code


Yes, but you need to scan the barcode or QR-code using your smartphone. Download and install U.S. Postal Service App to simplify this process


USPS tracker provides the ability to control the path of your package more accurately. That’s why it is better to track it by tracking number.

USPS tracking number example & format

One of the most popular question is how many numbers the customer must enter for tracking. We have an answer: actually the USPS track number format consists of 20-22 digits or a combination of 13 alphanumeric characters.

Tracker USPS can’t work correctly, if you enter tracking number with spaces and punctuation marks. Delete it in order to avoid errors.

You can see examples of track numbers depending on the type of delivery below:

Service Number Example
USPS Tracking 9999888877776666555500
Priority Mail 9205500000000000000000
Certified Mail 9407300000000000000000
Priority Mail Express 9270100000000000000000
Priority Mail Express International EN000000000US
Priority Mail International CP000000000US
Registered Mail 9208800000000000000000


USPS tracking results: status meanings

After entering the correct tracking number USPS track will show one of the following statuses:

  • Delivered;
  • Notice left;
  • Delivery status not updated;
  • Receptacle blocked;
  • No access;
  • In transit.

Let’s take a look at each of them in more details.

Delivered but not received

This means that the package has been successfully delivered to its destination, but the recipient has not yet picked it up. This status is usually accompanied by information about the time, place and date of delivery.

Notice left

This means that the courier was unable to deliver your package because you were not in place, where he needed to send package. In this case you should schedule a redelivery or pick up your mail item at the Post Office next business day (the address must be included in the notice). Otherwise shipment will be returned to sender.

Delivery status not updated

This means that your USPS parcel has arrived for delivery, but it has not yet been processed for delivery. You will likely need to wait a few days.

Receptacle blocked

This means that the courier does not have access to the mailbox to deliver your package. If nothing changes, you should reschedule the delivery.

No access

This means that the courier was unable to deliver the package to your address due to some specific reasons. It may include closed gates, a non-delivery day or other reasons.

In transit

This means that your package is currently in transit to the destination. It will be delivered soon. Real time USPS tracking will update the status as soon as it happens.

Other statuses

What if tracking by USPS shows a different status? Actually, this often happens. That’s why we’ve compiled the most common cases in the table below.

Specific status Meaning
“Held by Customs” (or “Customs Clearance”) This means that your international shipment is at customs. Usually in such cases customs contacts the recipient. Probably, you need to make payment of any duty owed in order to release the package for delivery.
“Label Created” If tracking USPS says such a status, that means the shipment has been paid for. Don’t worry, when the carrier scan your package, it will have new status “in-transit” scan by the carrier. It usually need from 1 to 2 business days after the parcel has been given to the post office by seller.
“Departed” This means that the package has already left the sorting center and has been sent to the station or facility responsible for the delivery.


This means that your package has left warehouse, but it still need to be scanned by USPS. When the postal operator scans it, it will be sent for delivery. This status can be updated up to 8 business days.
“Return to sender”


This means that your package couldn’t be delivered because of different reason (including cases couriers were unable to deliver the parcel).

If a package could not be delivered for any reason, it would be sent back to the indicated return address.


Anyway, if you have some questions (including how to track a package on USPS) you can write your comments below.

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