Credit card that starts with 5 | Is it MasterCard?

You may know that cards of the MasterCard payment system begin with the number 5. It is true, but not always. Here we will tell you what else card starts with 5 and what is the original meaning of the first digit within card number.

What if credit card starts with 5?

Credit cards that start with 5 are considered to be bank payment card. As the first digit of the BIN is “5”, it means banking and financial industry. For this reason you can hardly meet fuel or airline card with such a beginning.

What if credit card starts with 3? Follow the link to find out the issuers and in the type of their business.

What credit card starts with 5?

Of course, the most of the credit cards starting with 5 are issued by MasterCard. It covers almost all BINs ranges with the beginning from 51 to 55 (510000–559999). In addition, here are a lot of credit cards that begin with 5 and issued with the brand names Maestro and Cirrus. Both of them stand for the global MasterCard network. Maestro card may start with 50, 56, 57, 58 and 59 while the BINs of Cirrus cards may begin with 56, 57 or 58.

Cirrus credit card starting with 5 is less common that Maestro card.

Credit cards that start with 5

What else credit cards can start with 5?

Credit card that starts with 5 may be also issued by other company. For example, there are some private labels’ or local brands’ cards starting in the same way. They belong to a specific retailer or brand.

Along with such branded cards there are a few more cards of the following issuers:

  • Brazil issuer’s credit cards start with 5 not often, but you can meet them with the beginning 509 (from 509000 to 509999), within BIN range from 506699 to 506778, and other.
  • Indian payment network issue cards are starting with 508.
  • The card of this issuer occurs in rare cases but may also start with 5.

For more details you need to know other digits of the payment card number.

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