What credit cards start with 6? Meaning of the 1st digit

The first six digits of the payment card number together are called BIN. This combination allows determining some details of the card and its issuer, including type and level of the card, issuer name, country, etc.

What does the first digit mean?

Knowing the first digit, you can approximately identify the credit company as well as the industry within which the card was issued. It is called the major industry identifier, which tells you if it is a bank or not. For example, credit cards that start with 6 are always connected with the bank sphere like the credit card starting with 4 or 5.

What credit card starts with 6?

If your credit card starts with 6, you can determine the issuer. As there are several large companies which issue credit cards starting with 6 you should check the next digits of the card number.

The most common issuers of credit cards that begin with 6 are Maestro, Discover, Rupay and China Union Pay. To know the exact name check what BIN range beginning is correct for your payment card.

What credit cards start with 60?

Within the BIN range starting with 60 you can meet the cards of the Maestro, Rupay, Cirrus, NewDay and some private labels. China Union Pay cards and Mada cards are less common here.

Discover cards may start with 6011 (from 601100 to 60199).

Credit cards that start with 6

What credit cards start with 61?

The majority of the credit card numbers that begin with 61 belong to Maestro cards and the credit cards of the local brands.

What credit cards start with 62?

China Union Pay mostly covers BIN range starting with 62, although you can meet here Maestro cards too. In addition some Cirrus and Elo cards have the same beginning.

What credit cards start with 63?

Many companies issue cards with such initial numbers. Maestro, China Union Pay, Brazil Elo and Hipercard are among them. Other issuers might be met more rarely.

What credit cards start with 64?

  • Almost all credit cards starting with 640–643 (640000–643999) are issued by MasterCard with the brand names Maestro and Cirrus.
  • Discover cards have the BIN range 644–649 (644000–649999).

What credit cards start with 65?

Credit card, that starts with 6 after which the digit 5 follows, may belong to Discover, Rupay or Elo. BC Card of the Global Payment Services is less common.

What credit cards start with 66?

66 may be initial numbers of the Maestro cards or some private labels’ payment cards.

What credit cards start with 67?

Credit card starting with 6 and the digit 7 after it is most likely issued by Maestro. In the past the cards of Solo, Switch and Laser had been also issued with such initial numbers.

What credit cards start with 68?

If credit card begins with 6 followed by 8, it might be Maestro card as well. The exception is some credit cards issued by Cirrus and private labels.

What credit cards start with 69?

China Union Pay, Maestro, Rupay and private labels are the issuers of the credit card that starts with 69. The most common is Maestro.

Would you like to know what credit card starts with 7? Follow the link to find out more.

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