What credit card starts with 3? Meaning of the 1st digit

Payment card number may start with a digit from 0 to 9. It is impossible to determine the country of issue or bank name by the first digit, but you can roughly understand what business its issuer involved in and what company may issue the card. Here we will talk about credit card that starts with 3 and the meaning of this exact beginning.

What if credit card starts with 3?

If credit cards start with 3, they are considered to be connected with the industry of travel and entertainment. Number “3” as an industry identifier meant such business for a long time, but now among credit cards that start with 3 there are also classic bank card of the financial sphere.

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What credit cards start with 3?

Credit cards that begin with 3 are not only credit. There a lot of debit cards starting with this digit too.

As for the companies that issue such cards, there are many options. Credit card starting with 3 might be issued by one of the following companies:

  • Diners Club International that covers BIN range from 300000 to 305999 as well as BINS starting with 36 (full range from 360000 to 369999).
  • American Express which cards numbers starting with 34 (340000–349999) and 37 (370000–379999). Some AMEX cards that begin with 3 also may belong to other BIN ranges.
  • JCB International that has full BIN range starting with 35 (350000–359999), some BINs within the range from 308 to 312, some BINs beginning with 315, 333 and 334.
  • The ranges starting with 38 and 39 row are divided by Diners Club and Discover.

Credit cards that start with 3

In addition, credit cards starting with 3 may be issued by the private labels. It means a type of credit card that is restricted to a specific retailer or brand.

It is impossible to say what type of credit card starts with 3 but there are a lot of them.

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