Credit card starting with 8 | What is the issuer?

If you credit card number starts with 8, it may mean national assignment entity of the card or the sphere of telecommunications or other industry assignments but not necessarily. A lot of payment cards with such beginning might be also issued by a bank for standard financial purposes.

What credit cards start with 8?

Among credit card starting with 8 you can meet these ones:

  • China Union Pay cards that may begin with 81.
  • Rupay cards with 82 in the beginning of card numbers.
  • Some Maestro card (can be met rarely unlike credit cards that start with 6 or 5).

What else credit card starts with 8? If it has 8600 in the beginning it may mean that the issuer is Uzcard. This payment system is founded in Uzbekistan.

Credit cards that start with 8

In addition, there a lot of credit cards that start with 8 issued by private labels. As a rule they are restricted to a specific retailer or brand.

Can a VISA card start with 8?

VISA cards are the credit cards that mostly starting with 4. For more information read our article “What does a VISA card start with?”.

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