Guam Area Code Map — What area codes are in Guam?

Guam is a territory of the United States, which residents use its own area code. It means that the phone numbers in GU are dialed like any other American phone number, but with 3 unique digits in the beginning. For clarity, you can see the map of Guam area codes below.

Area code map of Guam, GU

Guam, GU area code map

On this map you can see how many codes are used in Guam and in which area exactly.

Area code of Guam, GU


As in other US territories the same area codes are used within all cities and lands of Guam. That is the reason why full of the map is painted in one color.

Area codes outside Guam

To know what else area code are used in the United States you can use these tools:

In addition you can look at the list of all area codes in all US states and US territories.

The map of the United States with area codes is also can be found on our website.

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