Montana Area Code Map | What area code is in Montana?

The quantity of telephone numbers depends on the population of the state. That is the reason why there might be only one area code in a whole state. Montana is one of such example, when there is simply no need to issue additional area codes.

Area codes on the map of Montana

Montana, MT area code map

As you can see on Montana area code map, there is a single phone number there. 406 is the area code which covers whole territory of the state. It means that every phone number from MT starts with these digits.

Area code map for Montana is painted in one color. If there were two or more area codes used in different parts of MT, it would be divided into several colored zones.

Area code of Montana, MT


Area codes in other states of USA

For more information about area codes in other states or in exact cities, you can follow these links:

All area codes of USA are listed here.

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