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While addressing the package or mail to any US city, you need to know correct ZIP codes of both sender and recipient. To check ZIP codes by cities use out lookup below.

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US ZIP code lookup will show the result immediately, just choose it.

How to find a ZIP code?

ZIP code lookup gives an opportunity to avoid watching long lists and searching manually. With the help of this tool you can simplify the process of finding. All you need to start looking for ZIPS codes by city is to enter correct name of the location you are interested in. It’ll show a list of 5-digit ZIP codes within entered city right away.

To know what ZIP code is in a city, it is enough to find out correct 5-digit combination. ZIP + 4 is the same but with four additional digits. It might help to identify a geographic segment within the five-digit delivery area, but in most cases it is not required.

Other hints

Using ZIP code lookup by city you can search different US postal codes, but on our website you will also be able:

  • To check ZIP code of the location where you are now. Follow the link “What is my ZIP code” to find out this information with the help of another ZIP codes finder.
  • To look for US area codes. If you need to call to another city or state, you’d better used Area code look up by city, but there is also reverse searcher by area codes, which helps to find geographic area by digits of phone number.
  • To track the parcel after sending a package. It doesn’t require a ZIP code, but impossible without tracking number.

If you are satisfied with ZIP codes lookup, don’t forget to add our site to your favorites (enter Ctrl + D combination on your keyboard). Perhaps this tool will be useful to you in the future.

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