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Trying to open Snapchat but can’t access it? Let’s figure out together what’s going on and why you can’t connect to it on July 16, 2024 (due to UTC +0). If is down for you, you are able to submit an outage report and read the complaints of other users, if any have been made. It will allow you to check whether it is currently running for other people or not.

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is snapchat down now

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Snapchat downtime reports for the last 24 hours

Is Snapchat down or just me?

If Snapchat is not working right now, first of all, you need to make sure that the problem is definitely on its side, and not on yours. Let us help you to find out if it is down for everybody or just for you.

For this:

  1. Click on the “Check” button below.
  2. Find out the result.

We will try pinging Snapchat website using our server so that the current status would be more clear and performed in real time. If the result is the same and is down for us as well, it means that you should just wait. The reason for such a problem could be connected with an overloaded, down or unreachable server because of technical works on the site or some unexpected errors (network problem, outage, etc.).

Is the ping indicator of Snapchat normal? Then you need to look for the cause of the bugs elsewhere. Read more below.

Need to check another website? Check any website here – “Is it down?”.


Why can’t I open Snapchat? Troubleshooting

Let’s assume that is up, but you are still experiencing problems with it. In this case you should try one of the solutions below. There are a lot of troubleshooting tips but we are presenting the most common.

Check your internet connection.

You can reset the modem and restart your devices, but we recommend testing internet speed, firstly. The site might simply not load due to a poor connection, failures, or low speed internet of your ISP (Internet Service Provider). You may use this Internet Speed Test.

Access a blocked website using a VPN.

What to do if the site is still unavailable? One of the probable reasons may be ISP level block or region level block. To get around it, use a VPN service. It will securely encrypt your internet connections by hiding your real IP address in the internet, so the site will be finally available for you. See the ranking of the best VPNs here.

Be sure that there are no browser related problems.

If Snapchat can’t be opened as usual, refresh the page. To do this on the PC/laptop, you may press CTRL + F5 keys at the same time. If nothing has changed, clear the temporary cache and cookies on your browser. This is especially helpful when there are some bugs on the website. After these actions you will have the most recent version of the page. If you use an application, you may swipe or restart it.

Check if the url is entered correctly.

If the ping tests and user’s reports show that is reachable, but you’re not able to open the page, let’s check if you’ve not made a mistake.

The full and correct Snapchat web address is In addition, the problem could be connected with incorrect configurations of redirects from different versions. In this case, check the correct writing of URL-address, maybe you have made a mistake when typing the address.

All possible spellings of the site address: – correct URL and currently used redirect;,,, – incorrect, but redirects work correctly.

Disable some browser extensions.

Having problem loading Snapchat for the first time? Pay attention to recently installed extensions. They can block access to the site or app. Some of browser extensions may be insecure or spoof your IP. You can check your current IP address here – “What is my IP?“.

Solve DNS problems.

If nothing helps and Snapchat is still not working today, you may try to clear your local DNS cache. For example, to flush DNS in Windows OS you should go to “Start” → “Command Prompt” → Type “ipconfig /flushdns” and then click on “Enter”. No changes? Ok, now you should change a DNS server. Use OpenDNS, Google DNS, Cloudflare DNS or another safe and open servers instead. If the issue is about your ISP’s DNS server (it is down or overloaded), it will help.

No access to a website or an app? No problem, as you can unblock the content easily with appropriate VPN 👌

It will encrypt your connection, so you’ll be able to get secure and private internet access.

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If you’re wondering what problems usually arise when accessing Snapchat, here you can see the monthly report. The results are formed depending on the reports of users. Your rating will also be taken into account if you decide to vote. Report the problem above and refresh the page to see the updated statistics.

Reported outages for the last 30 days

Is Snapchat down for you? Tell us in more details

We are waiting for your review! If is really down or you have met some problems with it, please, let others know about it. Leave a comment below and tell us what was going on in your case, if any troubleshooting tips helped you and what exactly did you do. Thanks!

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