ZIP Code 35011 – Location & other additional Information

If you need to get information about ZIP code 35011, you can check it here. Its location and other data which might be helpful for you are below.

Where is the 35011 ZIP code?

35011 is the ZIP code which is located in following place:

ZIP code 35011
State Alabama
State abbreviation AL
County Tallapoosa County
City or more specific location Alexander City
ZIP code type PO Box

To check another ZIP code, use our ZIP Code Lookup by digits. Enter 5-digit code to know its location.

ZIP Code 35011 location on the Map

More detailed information of the location can only be provided by the ZIP+4 codes which are also called “add-on codes” or “add-ons”.

In most cases ZIP+4 codes are not necessary. 5 digits are usually enough. For example, ZIP code 35011 has such coordinates:

  • Latitude: 32.92
  • Longitude: -85.93

Depending on the area and population of the location, there may be several postal codes in the same place. Check all ZIP codes of Alexander City with the help of our ZIP codes lookup by city.

What time is it in the area of 35011 ZIP code?

This location belongs to the Central Time Zone of the United States. It means that the current time there is so:

Daylight saving time is observed in the area where the ZIP code 35011 is used. Read more about DST in our article.

Area Code in 35011 ZIP code, Alexander City, AL

The locals of Alexander City, AL, who live at the address with ZIP code 35011, utilize area code 256. Their local phone numbers start with exactly these digits.

Note, please, that there might be several area codes within a city. To know more use our Area Code Lookup.

More about ZIP code 35011

For addresses where this ZIP code is used, the following local information is known:

  • Area code for this ZIP code: 256 — local phone numbers in Alexander City start with these digits, check here for other area codes that can be used there.
  • ZIP code type: PO Box — one of ZIP codes primary types.
  • Approximate population: information is in the process of updating
  • Approximate quantity of households: information is in the process of updating
  • Approximate mean income: $ information is in the process of updating
  • Land area: information is in the process of updating square meters (m2). To convert square meters to square feet, miles or other units use this Area Converter.
  • Water area: information is in the process of updating square meters (m2). Convert square meters to square miles.

Envelope example with ZIP code

To understand how it is written when addressing a letter, look at the example for ZIP code 35011. Envelope example is shown below:

Sender’s full name
Street address
City, state and ZIP code

usa mail stamp

Recipient’s full name
Street address
Alexander City, Alabama, 35011
United States of America

What does ZIP code 35011 mean?

Each 5-digit ZIP code represents post offices all across the US. 35011 is one of such examples. It can be split into three major parts:

  1. The first digit of a ZIP code determines what national area (ZIP code area) it belongs to. There are 10 ZIP Code areas which are segmented by USPS. They start from the northeast and are numbered from 0 to 9. It might be the state, one of US territories or some military area. In this case it means Alabama, AL.
  2. The next two digits identify region or city. They’ve been chosen by USPS not accidentally. The first ZIP Codes are assigned to that city which is central in a specific geographical region. After them all another ZIP codes get assigned in alphabetical order.
  3. The last two ones show exact delivery area within this location. They divide city or town into specific areas at the local level and provide creation of optimal delivery routes.

US ZIP codes structure

What structure US ZIP codes have, see in the example below:

US ZIP codes structure


ZIP codes are important information for addressing parcels and mails. If you’ve already sent it, you can track any shipment by tracking number using our universal service – Package Tracking.

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