ZIP codes in Fajardo | Puerto Rico postal codes

Although Puerto Rico is considered to be one of the U.S. territories, the system of ZIP codes is used there just like in the states of the USA. As an example, here you can see the postal codes of Fajardo.

If you are in Fajardo now and need to know your current ZIP code, check it using a special tool here — “What is my ZIP code?”.

What is the ZIP code for Fajardo, PR?

The USPS provides such ZIP codes in this location:


Outside Fajardo, but within Puerto Rico, other ZIP codes may be used. To check them, you should use our ZIP Codes Lookup. Enter the name of the city or location you are interested in to find out the information.

What does ZIP code mean?

When you’ve found the ZIP code of Fajardo or any other location, you can use these digits and be sure that your package or letter will be delivered exactly where you need. ZIP codes allow postal services to identify the recipient’s location and address shipment correctly. As a result, loss can be avoided, while the process of item’s sending speeds up.

Every digit of the ZIP code matters:

  • The 1st digit says about specific group where Puerto Rico belongs to.
  • The 2d and the 3d digits identify a city or a region (for example, Fajardo, Fajardo Municipio).
  • The last two digits determine delivery addresses (a group which they belong to).

If you would like to know more about the structure of US postal codes, read our article “What is a ZIP code?”.

Example of ZIP Codes structure in USA

The structure of all US ZIP codes is presented here as an example:

US ZIP codes structure

How to address a letter or a parcel to Fajardo, Puerto Rico?

We have previously told how to send letters, packages within the US and how to send packages and letters from the US. There you will find general information relevant to all states and US territories, but here we present envelope example exactly for Fajardo, PR:

Sender’s full name
Street address
City, state and ZIP code

usa mail stamp

Recipient’s full name
Street address
Fajardo, Puerto Rico, 00738
United States of America


You might be also interested in:

Time of the Fajardo, PR.

This date and time is currently valid in this location:


Time Zone of Puerto Rico (including Fajardo).

Atlantic Time Zone covers the territory of Puerto Rico (including Fajardo). Daylight Saving Time is not observed there, as well as in other US territories. For that reason during the year locals do not change their clocks.

Area codes observed in Fajardo, PR.

Area Code of Fajardo, Puerto Rico : 787, 939

If you need to call somebody in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, then firstly you should enter the area code. Phone numbers dialing doesn’t connect with the ZIP code, but the quantity of area codes depends on its population. To see whole list of them, use our Area code lookup.

Map of Fajardo, Puerto Rico

To see the location of the Fajardo, PR, use this map:

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