What is CAP in Italy? All about Italian postal code

For sending a letter or parcel to Italy, you may need a special postal code. In Italy’s version such postal codes or ZIP codes are called CAP. What is its feature, we will tell in this article.

What does Italian CAP mean?

CAP is the current postal code system that operates in Italy. Routing information in specific format is provided for all the Italian cities and towns. In total there are 28 CAPs which belong to Italian city centres.

CAP abbreviation means “Codice di Avviamento Postale” what can be translated as Postal Sending Code in English.

How many digits are in CAP?

Italian ZIP codes look like 5-digit combination without hyphens, underlinings, commas or other punctuation. CAP examples: 00187, 52100, 40121, etc.

CAP structure

Postal codes in Italy format

Each postal code in Italy consists of such numbers:

  • The first two digits represent exact administrative province or several provinces (in case it was split after 1967).
  • The third digit shows the status of the town. If the locality is the chief-town of the province, it will be an odd number (often — 1 or 9). If it is not, the third digit of CAP will be even (usually 0 or 8).
  • The last two digits demonstrate exact town or village. It also can mean the delivery post office (in case if it is new province founded after 1992).

CAP of main Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Venice and others contains two last digits which mean the urban postal district. It is often written as 00 or 70 in minor provincial chief-towns.

Italian postcodes by provinces

Below you can see what digit the postal codes in Italy start with.

Province CAP (Italy’s ZIP codes/postal codes)*
Agrigento 92XXX
Alessandria 15XXX
Ancona 60XXX
Arezzo 52XXX
Aristanis/Oristano 09XXX
Ascoli Piceno 63XXX
Asti 14XXX
Avellino 83XXX
Bari 70XXX
Barletta-Andria-Trani 76XXX
Belluno 32XXX
Benevento 82XXX
Bergamo 23XXX and 24XXX
Biella 13XXX
Bologna 40XXX
Bolzano – Bozen 39XXX
Brescia 25XXX
Brindisi 72XXX
Cagliari 09XXX
Caltanissetta 93XXX
Campobasso 86XXX
Caserta 81XXX
Catania 95XXX
Catanzaro 88XXX
Chieti 66XXX
Como 22XXX
Cosenza 87XXX
Cremona 26XXX
Crotone 88XXX
Cuneo 12XXX
Enna 94XXX
Fermo 63XXX
Ferrara 44XXX
Firenze 50XXX
Foggia 71XXX
Forlì-Cesena 47XXX
Frosinone 03XXX
Genova 16XXX
Grosseto 58XXX
Imperia 18XXX
Isernia 86XXX
L’Aquila 67XXX
La Spezia 19XXX
Latina 04XXX
Lecce 73XXX
Lecco 23XXX
Livorno 57XXX
Lodi 26XXX
Lucca 55XXX
Macerata 62XXX
Mantova 46XXX
Massa-Carrara 54XXX
Matera 75XXX
Messina 98XXX
Milano 20XXX
Modena 41XXX
Monza e della Brianza 20XXX
Napoli 80XXX
Novara 28XXX
Nuoro 08XXX
Padova 35XXX
Palermo 90XXX
Parma 43XXX
Pavia 27XXX
Perugia 06XXX
Pesaro e Urbino 61XXX
Pescara 65XXX
Piacenza 29XXX
Pisa 56XXX
Pistoia 51XXX
Potenza 85XXX
Prato 59XXX
Provincia di Trento 38XXX
Ragusa 97XXX
Ravenna 48XXX
Reggio di Calabria 89XXX
Reggio nell’Emilia 42XXX
Rieti 02XXX
Rimini 47XXX
Rome 00XXX
Rovigo 45XXX
Salerno 84XXX
Sassari 07XXX
Savona 17XXX
Siena 53XXX
Siracusa 96XXX
Sondrio 23XXX
Sud Sardegna 09XXX
Taranto 74XXX
Teramo 64XXX
Terni 05XXX
Torino 10XXX
Trapani 91XXX
Treviso 31XXX
Varese 21XXX
Venezia 30XXX
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola 28XXX
Vercelli 13XXX
Verona 37XXX
Vibo Valentia 89XXX
Vicenza 36XXX
Viterbo 01XXX

*Where XXX is unique number combination.

Italian postcode system also contains San Marino (starting with “47”) and the Vatican City (00120).

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