What is the 684 area code & where is it used? Map and List of Cities

The area code 684 is the first 3 digits which are entering for calling to American Samoa or within it. As it is one the US territories, phone numbers with such an area code are dialed the same way as usual long distance calls within the United States.

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Where is area code 684 located?

684 is the area code in American Samoa (AS), which is the part of local phone numbers there. Such area codes can be found in the following cities or locations:

Pago Pago


Are there any other area codes in AS? Search for the answer here: “Area codes lookup”. In addition you should remember about toll free area codes, which might be used all over the USA, including American Samoa.

Where is the 684 area code on the map?

Map of Area Code 684 

What time is it in area code 684?

American Samoa refers to one of time zone used in U.S. territories. Learn more about time zones in the US in our other article.

According to the AS time zone, the time in this place is the same as on the clock:

DST in not observed in American Samoa, while most states in USA use Daylight Saving Time.

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