Current Time and Date in Palo Verde, Arizona | What time is it now?

What time is it in Palo Verde, Arizona, right now? Check the local time and date of Palo Verde, Maricopa County, Arizona in classic clock or digital watch:

Current Time in Palo Verde, Arizona


The time in Palo Verde, AZ

Mountain Time Zone Map


Mountain Time Zone Map

See the Mountain Time Zone.

Time in Palo Verde in 24-hour format now

The digital clock shows time in 24-hour format as well as current date:

Time in Palo Verde in 12-hour format now

This watch demonstrates time in 12-hour format:

Time Zone of Palo Verde, Arizona

  • Palo Verde, AZ belongs to Mountain Time Zone. Open Mountain Time Zone Map.
  • Due to IANA system, it has the time zone name or ID – “America/Phoenix”, which helps to determine exact time there.
  • Due to Universal Time Coordinated (GMT / UTC) there is the offset by UTC-7.
  • Time zone abbreviations: MST, MDT.

Is daylight saving time used in Palo Verde, Arizona?

Daylight saving time is not observed in Palo Verde. For this reason, the times during the calendar year will be as follows:

Standard Time (STD) Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Abbreviation MST MDT

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