What is the area code 985? List of Cities, Map of Location, Time Zone

985 is the area code which is used within the state of Louisiana, LA. This does not necessarily mean that it covers the entire state. Everything is very individual. For the list of cities where this area code is specifically used, see below.

Area code 985 location

US phone codes don’t mean strict borders corresponding with state borders. That’s why several area codes may be used in one state at the same time. Look at the full list of area codes in the United States to make sure.

However, it does not mean that one area code is used in all cities of the state without exception. For example, 985 is the area code which can be found in phone numbers of such cities of LA as:

Please note that area code 985 might be only used in some parts of the cities above. This practice is especially typical for large cities of the state. In addition, we recommend to look at the list of toll-free numbers in USA which can be used in Louisiana as well as in other states.

Is any else area code in Louisiana? Check out the list of LA area codes. To know more about phone numbers in other states, use our Area codes searcher. Enter the name of city or state to find current codes.

Where is the 985 area code on the map?

Map of Area Code 985


You may also check full Map of Area Codes in the United States.

Note that there can be several area codes in one state or even city at once. Especially in cities with a large population, like New-York, Los Angeles, Chicago and big states, for example Texas, California, Florida, Illinois and others.

It means that others ones are also used in this location. Use our area code lookup to check exact location of other phone codes.

What does area code 985 mean?

These 3 digits of area code is a part of local phone numbers, which are used in Louisiana. They are dialed after country code +1 (for the United States) and before unique 7 digits. It is enough to call there.

Read more about meaning of the area codes in the article “What is an area code?”.

What time is it in area code 985?

The time in cities, where the area code is 985, is established according to one of nine US time zones and belongs to the Central Time Zone. Due to the Louisiana’s time zone the current time matches this clock:

Keep in mind that most states in USA use DST (Daylight Saving Time). This is the reason why the time in the same city may change twice a year.

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