What are the area codes of New York, NY? List of area codes

Different states and cities in the United States have different area codes. What digits you need to enter when dialing a phone number in New York, NY, you can read below.

Do you want to know more about area codes? Let’s read our article “What is an area code? Definition & Meaning”.

What is the area code in New York?

Phone numbers in New York can start with the following area codes

212, 332, 347, 646, 718, 917, 929

By these digits a caller can identify exact geographic area, where he calls to. It is very important, especially for long distance calls. Incorrect area code entry can lead to the fact that you call to another city or state, and the call will be received by a completely different person.

To find any another area code you can check 3-digit codes with the help of our Lookup by area codes or use the reverse Area codes searcher by cities, where the name of city is only needed.

How to call to New York?

As phone numbers in New York, New York might start with different digits, it means that you should dial a phone number in such a way:

  1. Country code (+1 for US phone numbers).
  2. Area code for New York (one of these: 212, 332, 347, 646, 718, 917, 929).
  3. Other 7 numbers XXX-XXXX.

Some of big cities also have more than one area code, for example New York area codes, which are represented as list of 7 different area codes.

List of popular area codes by city:

States with the most area codes:

All Area Codes in New York

To avoid confusion, we have collected all New York area codes on this page, and here they are: 212, 332, 347, 646, 718, 917, 929. It does not mean that you can enter any of these area codes to call New York. It only means that there are subscribers with different codes in this location.

What times is it in New York?

If you need to call to New York, it will be useful to know local time there. Current New York time and date, as well as all detailed information about it you can see in form below:

What is the time zone in New York?

New York, as the other cities in USA, belongs to one of nine time zones, where the different time is legally established. Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones are used in the contiguous US. In addition to them, there are 5 more time zones, which determine the time for states beyond the contiguous US and US territories.

To know what time zone New York belongs to look at the United States Time Zone Map.

If you’d like not only to call to New York but also to send mail or parcel to this city, you might need to know your ZIP Code as a sender and ZIP codes, which are used there.

You could check it all here: “What is my ZIP Code” and “ZIP Codes’ Lookup

What area codes are used inNew York  and other states? See the whole list here — “All area codes in the United States of America”.

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