Walnut Cove, North Carolina ZIP Codes

To send a mail or a parcel to Walnut Cove, North Carolina you need to address it correctly. For this purpose, you have to enter the exact details of the sender and recipient. ZIP code is among them. The same information is needed while shopping online. For indicating where to ship the order, customers have to provide their own ZIP codes, which can be checked here – “What is my ZIP Code”.

What is the ZIP code of Walnut Cove, NC?

There are such ZIP codes in Walnut Cove, Stokes County, North Carolina:



To check another postal code, use our ZIP Code Lookup.

Usual ZIP code format is 5 digits that are written without spaces and punctuation marks. 9-digit ZIP codes are called ZIP Plus 4. It helps to identify a geographic segment within the 5-digit delivery area, but it is not necessary for a regular client of the post to know it. Nowadays, the system itself determines the ZIP + 4 by your address.

If you know the 5digit code but are not sure if it matches your city, use our ZIP code searcher. This tool helps to check which city or state belongs to a particular code.

For usual user it is not necessary to know and remember current ZIP code. You can always find US postal ZIP codes on our website for free.

ZIP Code meaning

As you can see above each ZIP code consists of 5 digits. It is standard format for US postal codes which can help to identify exact location. For example, the first digit shows certain U.S. states group which Walnut Cove belongs to. The second and the third digits are the identifiers of a region. By the fourth and the fifth digits the postal services determine a group of delivery addresses within that region. You can read more about ZIP Code structure here – “What is a ZIP code? Structure, examples and meanings

ZIP Codes structure in USA

What structure US ZIP codes have, see in the example below:

US ZIP codes structure


Envelope example with Walnut Cove ZIP Code

To understand how it is written when addressing a letter, look at the example for ZIP code. Envelope example is shown below:

Sender’s full name
Street address
City, state and ZIP code

usa mail stamp

Recipient’s full name
Street address
Walnut Cove, North Carolina, 27052
United States of America


Have you already sent a package or mail, but do not know where it is? Track your shipment online with universal package tracker.

What time is in Walnut Cove, NC now?

You can see current time and date of Walnut Cove here:


Time Zone in Walnut Cove, North Carolina

There are 9 Time Zones in the United States of America and Walnut Cove belongs to the Eastern Time Zone.

Note, that DST (Daylight Saving Time) is observed in Walnut Cove, NC. You can see the full map with time zones in USA here – US Time Zone Map.

Walnut Cove area codes

There might be several area codes in each city or location. It depends on different factors, so we recommend to check the area codes which are used in Walnut Cove, NC or any other cities and states by this Area Code Lookup. For more details enter the name of the city to find out what digits the local phone numbers start with.

To see the whole list of area codes which are observed in the United States and the U.S. territories, follow here – All area codes in the USA.

Walnut Cove, NC Map

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